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God calls His angels winds... We will explore our Heritage to bring relevant stories to you that transform our antiquated systems. Hear how others lean into what they love and follow their passions to build an ALIEN life of GIVING. You'll laugh, cry, and finish each writing motivated to be tireless as an ALIEN.


An Angel Looking Over

In Loving Memory 

With them, I build this ¬† VISION¬† ‚ěĚ GO

Of those who fell asleep before us, especially Linda Elaine Tamayo-Schiszler, my wife, and my Mother, Charlene Joyce Arnett!



Transform Our Cities And Rebuild The Wasted Systems.

Understanding is our PASSION, and Now WE STEP UP!


We OFFER Inventive solutions, Solid Blueprints, and Equity for ALL. 

Rebel Counter-Culture,

How I became a REBEL of Spirituality and got involved with the counter-culture. I was kicked out of many churches and prophesied out of others. Simple answer; In 1997, I was given a new understanding and hearing according to the Spirit of God, and signs, miracles, and wonders ensued.

Let me start with how to avoid doing what leaders have been doing for fifty-plus years! And that is, Building A Hierarchy! I have watched for too long the devastation and effects on the people that these leaders promote. WE ARE EQUALS!!! NOT YOUR SHEEP!!! YOU WILL NOT GUILT US INTO SUBMISSION!!! WE ARE FREE FROM OPPRESSION, TYRANNY, AND DENOMINATION!!! The real reason the churches cannot sit together and do CHARITY (Love) towards others is that you fight amongst yourselves.

THE TRUTH NEEDS NO DEFENSE." That's right! Why? Because the truth always comes to pass! Whereas a lie cannot unless you get people to agree with you, and it becomes a lying sign and wonder! BUT again, it will not stand the test of time!!!

Let's build with better tools, LOVE! We will leave the past behind and reach forward again. Much Love to y'all!!!

"An Incredible REIT, Real Estate Investment Trust"

We are working to build Homes and Beyond! Different kinds, ones for hospitality, training, resting, singles, couples, families, and gathering places. And Commercial space for our businesses, agricultural land for our farmers, and neighborhood gardens for our communities. This will enable us to eliminate LEASING! We will encourage CHARITY in our daily decisions that affect people. We will operate by these three everyday things; Love Unconditionally, Hope Passionately, and Faith in Operation! Communion! We are to live TODAY and listen to His Voice and not complain or excuse it, BUT DO IT! And we will enter into His Rest. The new revelation isn't new, for the words have come from long ago. The purpose of doing a REIT is to acquire land and properties that we can help believers that cannot afford housing that's three times their monthly incomes. We can make it so it would be thirty percent instead. Plus, give them equity by owning part of the trust. This is the beginning of the elimination of leasing, and upside-down pricing for families. Where it fits for commercial and agricultural use is we can keep working toward our independence from outside forces that cause such fluctuations in the marketplace.

Not The Bride

Words Spoken Over Us

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Those Who Are The Tithe

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Powerful U.S.



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