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Powerful U.S.

Aug 13, 2023

Powerful changes have taken place in U.S., and yes, that means two things, A personal us and the collective U.S., Spiritually. The visible tends to divert our attention away all day long. But standing by is the invisible. How can we see our way between days? By growing up! Simple answer. For too long, we work to make ourselves perfect. U.S. working on perfection has netted U.S. huge dichotomies. This faction, that faction, opposites are tugging pulling, this way, that way. Yet it looks as though all is lost!

I have it on good authority. We're at OUR MOMENT! YES, OUR MOMENT! It looks like a SEED, ready to BURST OUT! To become a seedling and then to a sapling to a TREE. Right HERE, Right NOW! Does anyone remember the story of Jesus healing a blind man, and he said, "Men looked like trees?" Symbols figures of speech he wasn't saying. But TREE's he saw.

We were born from a tree whose seed was death. Then we are transformed by truth, of a resurrection. Then by symbols, we are given the fruit of the Tree of Life. It's in communion. And by two things, he establishes it, the fruit of the vine, wine. And the fruit of the fields of wheat, Bread! COMMON-UNION COMMUNION, the Lord of Hosts, who sits on the mercy seat that's sprinkled with the blood of FORGIVENESS living inside of you. Breaks the conformity of current culture and encourages you to BECOME A TREE OF LIFE!

Growing up in the way of the TREE OF LIFE is our MOMENT! What does that mean? A tree is sustenance. That looks like the Book of Acts BUT MUCH BIGGER! Now multiply the ages of the GARDEN till now, and you will see it has grown into a CITY. A CITY whose builder and maker is GOD. Is there anyone you know looking for that CITY? YOU possibly? I AM! Why? So I can see the GOODNESS of GOD in the LAND of the LIVING!

That's HUGE! Way different than what is visible now. A SEED, A WORD, have you heard HIS WORD doesn't go away VOID, and HIS SEED gives Bread to the eater and seed to the sower? He says HIS WORD is like the rains that give (Sustenance of Truth and) water the land to bring the SEED to GROW UP and GIVE to a starving world! NOW WE GROW UP IN LOVE (SEED) by HOPE (TREE). WE DELIVER by FAITH (FRUIT) THE RIGHT HAND OF FELLOWSHIP.

The PLAN for the CHANGE of ages is about ONE DAY at a time. Did you know the Kingdom of Heaven wants everyone PAID DAILY? (I'd say right here to CHANGE OUR WAYS TO HIS.) You can see this slows down the anxiety of the mind and grounds the U.S. to the NOW, which is ETERNITY! TODAY IF YOU WILL HEAR HIS VOICE and NOT COMPLAIN, WE DO IT. We will enter into HIS PROMISED DAY OF REST. DAY BY DAY, we can see measurable Kingdom progression throughout our communities.

The goodness of God in the land of the living; That's THE KINGDOM HERE AT HAND. Keep hitting your right hand and realize it's within you! Right there, where your hand is. All we have to do is HEAR HIS VOICE AND DO IT! BUT! The world has become judges instead of healers. Feeling inconvenienced rather than compassionate. Only having excuses instead of lending a hand. NOT grown up to be willing givers. Can you see the death in these things argued about?

The way of the Tree of Life is WISDOM. It's what to do with the knowledge; WISDOM is the WOMB ACTION of UNDERSTANDING! It's the how to get it done, The "What to do after you've got it!" Let's say she's the deliverer of DELIVERANCE. She's an INCUBATOR of how to say something that will bring miraculous results or a movement. A VISION to let you SEE how to reach out physically to change anger and death into protection and love. Even Influence people of influence to appropriate a KINGDOM OUTCOME.

OUR NEW CITY has LIVING WATER (TRUTH) running through it. The Tree of Life on either bank of the PURE RIVER yield twelve kinds of fruit, a different kind each month, and the leaves are for healing and comforting the inhabitants of our city. YOU are grafted into the TREE, and your waters (Truth) will not run dry. EVER!

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